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Spill it is a puzzle type game where players must drop the glass to break. With practice dropping at the initial LEVEL, players will be taught to drop the glass. There are many LEVEL, as many as 100 LEVELS with different difficulties. Players will be given a way to answer by viewing the video. Each player will be given 3 options to use this assistance. There are several techniques for dropping glasses. In the initial LEVEL we will drop 1 glass, the number of glasses will increase according to the LEVEL being played.
Game Info
GAME :Splill It
GENRE :Puzzle
REGION :International
This type of game is free, so we don't need to worry when we like this game not to pay. This game can be played by players aged 3 years and above.Even though a 3-year-old child can play this game. But I from do not recommend playing without a parent. Because the child is psychological in the activity of damaging the glass. It is feared that children will carry out activities like those in games in the real world.

Whatever the good of the game, we still teach our children to play that can interact with other children.

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Screenshot on Android:

Video Gameplay on Android:

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