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Fly your imagination and explore the world without limits in Mini World: Block Art, a 'sandbox' game that looks like Minecraft (but is much better). You can play classic creative mode, which offers eternal life and you can create anything you want; or survive as a character that is more vulnerable in survival mode. Both modes can be played alone or with other online players.
Game Info
GAME :Mini World Block Art 
GENRE :Adventure
REGION :International
How to play Mini World: Block Art is very similar to Minecraft. In other words, you mine blocks from the world and add them to inventory, make dozens of tools from various materials, and interact with lots of elements in the environment. You can build axes, shovels, swords, machine guns, drills, bows and much more.

Mini World: Block Art is a spectacular 'sandbox' game in everything. Not only is the graphics amazing, there are also lots of items that you can interact with. In addition, there is also an option to play with people from all over the world on public servers or just with yourself and friends on a private server. You can spend hours maybe even days playing this giant game.

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Screenshot on Android:

Video Gameplay on Android:

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